Water Pump Repair & Replacement | Castrol Premium Lube Express

Our mechanics can inspect your water pump & perform any necessary repairs to keep your car from overheating.

While warm weather can be a major cause for car overheating, a faulty water pump or low coolant in the pump can be a common culprit. Water pumps circulate a mixture of water and coolant throughout the engine system, ensuring that your engine stays at a safe temperature. Overheating can cause severe damages to your engine and vehicle, so proper water pump upkeep and maintenance is essential.

Water Pump Replacement & Repair

At Castrol Premium Lube Express, we can perform the following maintenance and repair tasks to keep your car running smoothly:

  • Examine coolant levels and top off
  • Inspect the drive belt/timing belt for cracks or wear that would impede flow
  • Replace faulty water pumps

Fleet Vehicle Repair

An overheating fleet vehicle is huge drain on productivity and drive times – timely upkeep is key to keeping your business running. At Castrol Premium Lube Express, we accept all national fleet cards for maintenance and repair services. We also offer a program for local fleets looking for a regular maintenance and repair provider. Whether you need your coolant topped off or your water pump has completely given out, our technicians and mechanics are ready to help!