Starter & Alternator Repair | Castrol Premium Lube Express

The Alternator and Starter are essential components that keep your battery running smoothly and ensure that your car will start.

Alternator Replacement & Repair

The alternator is an essential component that charges your battery and ensures that power is stored and sent to your head and tail lights, power windows, radio, cab lights and more. While alternator issues can be hard to diagnose, common signs that you may be having alternator troubles include: * Slow starting whenever you attempt to turn on the engine * Car battery dying or not charging * Lights appearing dim or not turning on At Castrol Premium Lube Express, we can perform a full inspection to narrow the part that is responsible for the issue you are experiencing with your car. If we discover that the alternator is faulty, we can repair or replace the alternator to ensure that your vehicle is ready to get back on the road!

Starter Replacement & Repair

Similar to issues with your alternator, if your car is slow to start or will not start, the starter could be malfunctioning. The battery powers the starter, which turns the engine over whenever you turn on the ignition. At Castrol Premium Lube, our mechanics can identify what the issue is and either repair or replace the malfunctioning part.

Repair Services for Fleet Drivers

We accept all national fleet cards at each of our 10 Metro Atlanta locations if you are a national fleet driver passing through the Atlanta area! We also have a customizable program for local fleets looking for a reliable fleet services partner. Learn more about our fleet services.