CV Axle Replacement & Repair | Castrol Premium Lube Express

The CV Axles on your vehicle ensure that your tires respond whenever you press the gas pedal and rotate smoothly.

CV Axles, sometimes called half shafts or axle shafts, link the transmission to the wheel and keep your tired spinning. They are typically composed of a shaft, CV joints, grease and boots. The boot helps keep your CV joints lubricated and prevents debris from collecting in the joint. One of the most common causes for a broken axle is a faulty boot.

Whenever your CV axles break, they must be replaced, they cannot be repaired. At Castrol Premium Lube Express, all of our parts meet or exceed all OEM specifications, so you can be certain that our CV Axles are high-quality products that will stand the test of time.

CV Axle & Axle Seal Replacement

One of our technicians will inspect and replace your CV Axle through the following steps:

  • Remove axle from wheel, transmission and differential
  • Inspect the axle for signs of damage or wear
  • Transfer axle seals to replacement axle
  • Re-connect replacement axle to wheel
  • Ensure that axle and wheel are rotating properly and safely

CV Axle Service for Fleets

At Castrol Premium Lube Express, we accept all national fleet cards at our 10 Metro Atlanta locations for oil changes, maintenance and repairs. We also offer a customizable program for small to mid-sized local fleets with flexible billing options. Learn more about our fleet services!