Cabin Air Filter Replacement | Castrol Premium Lube Express

A clean cabin air filter improves air quality inside the vehicle and helps eliminate air contaminants and odors

The cabin air filter (also called the air conditioner filter) in your vehicle works much the same as the furnace filter in your home HVAC. It removes all kinds of pollen, dust, soot, moisture and odors that enter your vehicle's climate control system and cabin interior.

Cabin air filters are particularly beneficial for people with allergies since they do a very effective job of removing contaminants and allergens from the air. A clean cabin air filter will help you breathe easier.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement for Fleet Vehicles

Castrol Premium Lube Express accepts all national fleet cards for air filter replacements and other necessary maintenance and repair – just drop by any of our 10 Metro Atlanta locations and present your card. We also offer a customizable local fleet maintenance program for small to mid-sized fleets in the Atlanta area.

Cabin Air Filter Service:

  • The old cabin air filter is removed and inspected, and replaced as needed
  • All excess dirt and debris is removed from your cabin air filter housing
  • The new cabin air filter is installed
  • Our replacement cabin air filters meet or exceed all OEM specifications

Service Recommendation: Every 12 months or 12,000 miles
Service Takes: 5 to 20 minutes