Mechanical Repair

Just think of us as your local mechanic! We offer full-service maintenance and repair for all types of vehicles.

Our on-site mechanics provide diagnosis and repair for any of the issues mentioned below and more! Whether you have a specific repair needed or merely have concerns due to a noise or other issue with your vehicle, we can help. Call ahead to any of our Castrol Premium Lube Express locations and bring your vehicle by.

The Alternator and Starter are essential components that keep your battery running smoothly and ensure that your car will start.
The CV Axles on your vehicle ensure that your tires respond whenever you press the gas pedal and rotate smoothly.
Regular engine performance maintenance helps prevent breakdowns and extend the lifetime of your vehicle.
Your vehicle’s fuel pump circulates fuel from the tank to the engine, keeping your engine & car running smoothly.
A vehicle’s suspension system, including the shocks and struts, improves handling and how the car rides.
Our mechanics can inspect your water pump & perform any necessary repairs to keep your car from overheating.