Our Castrol-certified technicians quickly and expertly perform maintenance and replace worn parts on all types of vehicles.

Drop by any of our 10 Metro Atlanta locations today for auto maintenance, repairs, oil changes and more. We focus on providing excellent service while reducing wait times, and we provide virtually every service needed to maintain your warranty. Avoid the lines at the dealership! Stop by Castrol Premium Lube Express today.

Our Castrol and ASE-Certified Technicians can perform virtually every service required to maintain your warranty.
Periodic testing and maintenance keeps your A/C system cooling, and keeps you comfortable year-around
A clean cabin air filter improves air quality inside the vehicle and helps eliminate air contaminants and odors
Regular fuel filter maintenance improves fuel flow, increases gas mileage, and boosts engine performance
Fuel system service cleans the system and injectors and improves fuel efficiency and engine performance
Keeping your vehicle’s head lights, brake lights and turn signals in good working order is a critical safety issue
Power steering service removes old fluid and metal debris and protects the entire system from normal wear
Servicing the radiator prevents rust and corrosion and keeps your vehicle from freezing or over-heating
Belts wear out over time and may become brittle and crack; if the belt breaks, your vehicle may not operate
Rotating the tires every 6,000 miles promotes even tread wear, improves vehicle handling and extends tire life
Regularly changing the transmission fluid protects the transmission from wear, damage and breakdown
New wiper blades improve visibility in inclement weather and reduce serious safety hazards